Bunions are by far the most common form of osteoarthritis we see in the feet. Resulting from overuse wear and tear caused by poor foot mechanics, poor footwear choices and injury, the 1st MPJ (where the big toe joins the foot) becomes inflamed, distorted and eventually can create significant deformity and pain.

Anatomy of a BunionSome bunions may not be painful, but most are. Pain results from too much footwear pressure and the joint pain itself that becomes aggravated every step we take.

Treatment is geared toward reducing the pain and maximising the mobility of the joint. We can achieve this by undertaking footwear changes, effective and soft orthotic therapy and finally some manual therapy to keep the joint moving. From an ongoing management point of view we are very successful at eliminating pain associated with bunions and increasing mobility, without surgery however, the joint will always appear the same size and shape but will feel and move much better Severe case of foot bunionswith ongoing care.

If you are concerned about the appearance or pain associated with your bunion joint,
make an appointment with one of our podiatrists,
to find out how you can not only feel better but stop it from getting worse…

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