Marcus Drivas



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Marcus is a valued member of the Chiropractic team at Gladesville Healthcare having completed both a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic degree at Macquarie University.

Marcus uses a multi-modal and hands-on approach and believes it is very important to spend time educating his patients firstly on their conditions and then together with them, helping them reach their goals. He utilizes various techniques such as soft tissue massage, gentle chiropractic manipulation and mobilisation, stretching, sports taping and dry needling while constantly striving to stay up to date with the latest scientific research and techniques to guide his therapy. He has a special interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation as well as acute and chronic pain management.

 From a very young age, Marcus was always drawn towards sport and physical activity, growing up in a soccer-loving family and having also played cricket, rugby, volleyball and tennis. His journey to become a Chiropractor & Sports Injury Therapist stems from the benefits he received from Chiropractic care himself. As a teenager training and playing up to 3 games per week with his soccer commitments, Marcus got to a stage where he was unable to run comfortably due to a condition he had developed in his legs. After trying various treatment options, Marcus finally consulted the practitioners at Gladesville Healthcare who were able to assist him and get him back playing at the top of his game. He always knew that he wanted to be involved in sport when he finished school, but this experience shaped his respect and enthusiasm for the machine that is our body and drove him in the direction of wanting to help other people experience what he did.


Marcus is a member of the following organisations:Sports Medicine Australia Logo