Core Stability

Core Stability

It is now know that following a back injury or to prevent back injury a specific spinal strengthening program is essential to completely resolve back problems and ensure ongoing pain-free back movement. This is known as Core Stability.


Some of the latest research has confirmed what we in the profession have known for many years, that is, up to 90% of the population will experience lower back pain at some stage in their life (Philadelphia Panel, Deyo et al, Skovron et al, Kelsey et al, Frymoyer et al.). This is an alarming percentage! However something can be done to help prevent back injuries from not only reoccurring, but from occurring in the first place. It’s called “Core Stability”, “Spinal Stabilisation” or “Rehabilitation.

 lower back and lumbar area pain spotsIt is conducted in a very similar fashion to how we rehabilitate an ankle, knee or shoulder injury. This involves simple and non-strenuous contractions of specific muscles that control and stabilise the lower back. We then increase the level of the contractions to challenge the client’s current stability, through modifying the repetitions, sets and/or exercise difficulty.
The greatest challenge in any stability program is compliance by the patient with the exercises even after they feel better.
The battle is against the “out of sight, out of mind” attitude.

The client needs to understand it is easier to maintain stability than to build it.


Lower back lumbar muscles and fascia


A logical progression is made from easy floor-based exercises to more advanced floor-based exercises and then an Exercise Ball is introduced (also known as a Swiss Ball). Nowadays, the Exercise Ball is proving to be the “gold standard” in spinal rehabilitation.
It is a great piece of rehabilitative equipment that challenges the user to any level required, but it’s also FUN!
And having fun makes exercise enjoyable, instead of a chore.



 Our practitioners have attended many seminars, courses and further training in the techniques of Spinal Core-Stability training over the years.

They have a huge knowledge-base and level of experience in rehabilitating any lower back injury, and considers this his “Area of Expertise”.

If you or you know of anyone who has had a lower back injury in the past, or someone who wishes to help prevent a lower back injury, then feel free to call the clinic with any enquiries on 9816 3071 or fill in our Request An Appointment Form

 Core Stability Exercise Video:


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